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If you visit our store, it means that you automatically accept the complete general conditions of service.

MIMO FERSIL, headquartered in César, Oliveira de Azeméis, legal person n ° 500 860 190, today owner of the domain (www.mimofersil.com), presents on this page the general conditions of use and information of contracts signed at a distance governed by article 4 of Legislative Decree No. 24/2014 of February 14.

Please read carefully all the information on our guides, conditions and agreements.

We reserve the right to modify the general conditions of the service at any time without notice.


 (1) Upon receipt of the order, the customer will receive a confirmation of the order by e-mail, which however does not constitute its final acceptance. The order must be considered accepted as soon as we declare acceptance by email or delivery of the goods

(2) For the final acceptance of the order, the customer must make full payment of it (delivery costs included) and send us an email confirming the payment of the order in case of bank transfer.

(3) If the customer has not made the payment within 4 working days, his order will be declared canceled.

(4) If the amount paid does not correspond to the total amount of the order (if the amount paid is less), and if within 3 working days the customer does not pay the total amount, a credit note of the amount paid so far will be issued. 


(1) After confirmation of payment, MIMO Fersil undertakes to dispatch the order within a maximum of 3 working days.

(2) We are not responsible for delays in delivery resulting from strikes or other situations of CTT postal services.

(3) Deliveries are always made by CTT Expresso.

Any complaint relating to the CTT service must be addressed to this entity. 

(4) We are not responsible for orders returned due to an incorrect address, the absence of a post office box, orders not claimed within the deadline, etc. In the case of a second delivery, the delivery costs will be charged. We do not refund items belonging to returned orders. In this case, a credit note will be issued for future use in our store. For more information, see the Refunds section. 

Prices and Payments 

(1) Our prices include VAT at the legal rate in force, but not the transport costs. All costs occasioned by the payment method chosen by the customer, in particular all bank charges and charges, customs duties and similar charges must be borne by the customer.

(2) Unless expressly provided to the contrary on our part, delivery requires advance payment (to be made in the manner indicated in the order form).

(3) Payment can be made using the following methods:


- Bank transfer

(4) Vouchers cannot be combined with each other or with other offers and promotions. If the website allows the introduction of two or more coupons at the same time, the customer will be contacted to modify the order and cancel one or more discount coupons.

(5) If the prices are not correct for any reason (technical problems, errors in the computer system), MIMO Fersil may correct the prices in other cases.

Data protection 

(1) We are authorized to submit personal customer data to bank branches, but only to the extent necessary for the purposes of credit verification. We will not make a customer's personal data available to third parties without the customer's express consent, unless applicable law requires us to disclose data.

(2) The collection, transmission to a third party or the processing of the customer's personal data for purposes other than those provided for in "Data Protection" will not be authorized.


 (1) Items which have been damaged by improper use, inattention or neglect or failure to comply with the supplier's recommendations will not be replaced.

(2) All complaints must be accompanied by a note explaining the problem and a photo. Items showing signs of use will not be exchanged/refunded unless they prove to be defective after use

(3) We are in no way responsible for poor results resulting from incompatible products (products purchased from third parties). All of our products are compatible with each other and rigorously tested by laboratories before being put on the market.

(4) The customer has 14 days (from the date of receipt) to exchange/return an item, as long as there is no mark of use. Return costs are always borne by the customer. ITEMS WITH OPEN PACKAGING AND USE MARKS WILL NOT BE EXCHANGED.

(5) The delivery costs will not be reimbursed.

(6) The return must be sent by registered mail. MIMO Fersil a is not responsible for losses resulting from other shipping methods.


(1) The warranty on breakdowns in electrical equipment, for professional use, due to a manufacturing defect expires after 6 months. (Art 916º. of the Civil Code)

(2) The warranty does not cover:

- Improper use of the equipment or its use for purposes other than those indicated;

- Articles damaged by accident;

- Damage resulting from normal wear and tear of the equipment;

(3) No warranty will be given for equipment that has been opened, unscrewed, disassembled, with a broken warranty seal and which indicates any attempt to repair.

(4) In the event of a malfunction which, in your opinion, is covered by the warranty, you must contact MIMO Fersil customer service (fersil@fersil.com), with a detailed description of the problem and a copy of the invoice, in order to find out whether you whether or not you are covered by the warranty.

(5) The repair/replacement period may vary, without ever exceeding the 30 days imposed by current legislation

(6) Any equipment received and identified as not covered by the warranty will be returned to the customer with an increase in delivery costs.

All contracts concluded between MIMO FERSIL and customers are governed by the laws of the Portuguese Republic.

Product information, resale, partnerships and customer support: fersil@fersil.com