Equipment in warranty

In accordance with Decree Law Nº 67/2003 of 8 April, with amendments introduced by Decree Law Nº. 84/2008 of 21 May, all new products sold will be subject to a two-year compliance guarantee, guaranteed by the respective brands. In the case of a defective product, you should report it to MIMO Fersil, who will be in charge of managing this process. In agreement between the customer and MIMO Fersil, all products sold used have a 12-month warranty. Consumable products, whose regular use involves their destruction or disposal because of their specific nature, may, depending on the manufacturer, have a period of guarantee of proper operation of less than 2 years.


Repair Service Guarantee

Mimo Fersil's repair service guarantee is 90 days from the completion date of the service delivery. This limited guarantee does not affect the legal rights set out in national law on new components used in the repair. The repair guarantee does not cover the following conditions:

> Physical damage (broken/damaged/eroded/warped, etc.);

> Incorrect use, damage caused by falls, neglect, fire, water, electricity, air disturbances, etc.;

> Damage caused by transport by the customer or third parties representing him;

> The use of options or consumables that are inappropriate for the equipment in question;

> During this period, the equipment would have undergone a technical intervention, with a manpower and parts unrelated to the services of MIMO Fersil;

> The previous repair was made upon request and responsibility of the customer.



If the purchased product is defective or has broken down, the customer should report the situation to MIMO Fersil Customer Service, informing the number of their order and the description of the outage. Upon receipt of the item, at the MIMO Fersil premises, it will be repaired. In this case, MIMO Fersil will deliver the item to the customer, in the same way that it was delivered to him for repair. If the technical check detects signs of improper use and/or any problems that may have caused the item to malfunction (e.g., fall, sun exposure, etc.), the customer will be contacted to indicate whether they claim the equipment is being repaired. In this case, MIMO Fersil will provide a free quote.


Non-guaranteed equipment

Even if your equipment is outside the compliance guarantee period, MIMO Fersil offers a repair service under suitable conditions, so you will have to travel to one of our stores. If the customer wishes to repair out-of-guaranteed equipment, they must contact the MIMO Fersil Technical Centre with the equipment in question and its failure. MIMO Fersil will inform the customer of the address to which he will deliver the equipment. In case this option is not possible, the customer will be able to send the product by registered mail to the address indicated, to the attention of the MIMO Fersil Technical Centre. Upon receipt of the customer's equipment, MIMO Fersil technicians will analyze the customequipmenter by checking the failure described by the customer. After this analysis, the customer will be contacted by our team to be informed about the repair quote for the equipment. The repair will only be carried out after the customer has expressly accepted the quote.


Direct warranty with manufacturer

Some brands provide a direct guarantee/support to the Customer. In these cases, you can contact the brand directly to discuss the equipment warranty.